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Our Team

SSCCSL has a team of 15 people at the head office with Mr. Divyang Bhatnagar being the CEO, and Madhuben Parmar the COO. This team is ably supported by the three Operation Managers, two auditors, branch heads and the field staff at various branches. SSCCSL hires people from the grass root level, which helps them understand, and identify with the Saath membership. Most of the employees have studied till 10th or less. They are trained to carry out respective functions.

Head Office Team

Sr.No. Contact Person Designation Gender Education Associatiojn with SSCCSL
1 Chinmayiben Desai Chair Person F B.Sc (Biochem.), Dip. in Special Education 22 Years
2 Divyang Bhatnagar CEO M MBA,. Adv. Dip. in IT(UK) 9 Years
3 Madhuben Parmar COO F H.S.C. 24 Years
4 Parshottam Chauhan Manager Operationa M Up to 12th Standard 22 Years
5 Alka Shah Manager Operations F MA B.Ed 6 Years
6 Abedaben Shaikh Operation Auditor F 5th 13 Years
7 Yusuf Pinjara Operation Auditor M B.Com 8 Years
8 Dr. Vishakha Pandit Dy Mngr Resource Mobilization F P.hd. (Microfinance) 10 Months
9 Akash Padhiyar Finance Associate M B.Com. 10 Years
10 Hardik Patel Head Office Accountant M M.B.A- Finance 3 Years
11 Dixita Khamar Assistant Accountant F M Com. 2 Years
12 Ranison Parmar IT Manager M M.B.A.-IT 6 Years
13 Khyati Patel Assistant IT Manager F B.E.(IT) 2 Years
14 Mahesh Chauhan IT Executive M H.S.C 5 Years
15 Pravin Prajapati Assistant IT Executive M H.S.C 1 Year
16 Nazma Ansari Expansion Team Member F S.S.C. 14 Years
17 Rizvanaben Shaikh Expansion Team Member F S.S.C. 5 Years
18 Ravi Bhati Telecaller M B.A. 6 Months
19 Shivani Thaker Documention Officer F MA ,B.Ed 3 Months
20 Rukmaniben Sargara Office Assistant F P.T.C. 22 Years.
Total Females 11
Total Males 9
Total Strength 2 0

Branch Team

SR.No. Branch Code Branch Female Male Total
1 102 Vasna 11 1 12
2 103 Gomatipur 5 1 6
3 104 Saraspur 10 1 11
4 105 Behrampura 9 2 11
5 106 Sarkhej 10 1 11
6 107 Vadaj 7 0 7
7 108 Hathijan 5 1 6
8 109 Bareja 5 1 6
9 111 Narol 4 1 5
Total 66 9 75

Branch Wise Staff List

Branch Contact Person Designation Status Gender
Saath -100 Chinmayiben Desai Chair Person E20 F
Saath-100 Divyang Bhatnagar CEO E8 M
Saath-100 Madhuben Parmar(OM) COO E 19 F
Saath-100 Parshottam Chauhan(OM) Manager Operationa E 20 M
Saath-100 Alka Shah(OM) Manager Operations E 4 F
Saath -100 Abedaben Shaikh Operation Auditor E12 F
Saath -100 Yusuf Pinjara Operation Auditor E 8 M
Saath -100 DR. Vishakha Pandit Dy Mngr Resource Mobilization branchawise F
Saath -100 Akash Padhiyar Finance Associate E9 M
Saath -100 Hardik Patel Head Office Accountant C 2 M
Saath -100 Dixita Khamar Assistant Accountant C 1 F
Saath -100 Ranison Parmar IT Manager C 5 M
Saath -100 Khyati Patel Assistant IT Manager C F
Saath -100 Mahesh Chauhan IT Executive C 4 M
Saath -100 Pravin Prajapati Assistant IT Executive C M
Saath -100 Head Office Assistant Rukmaniben Sargara E 20 F
Saath -100 Nazma Ansdari Team Member E 13 F
Saath -100 Rizvanaben Shaikh Team Member E 4 F
Saath -100 Ravi Bhati Telecaller M
Saath -100 Shivani Thaker Documention Officer F
Vasna-102 Rehanaben Pathan Branch Manager E 4 F
Rakhiyal/Gomatipur-103 Dharmesh Gelot Branch Manager E 8 M
Saraspur-104 Fatimaben Chipa Branch Manager E 12 F
Jethalal-105 Kumudben Patel Branch Manager E 7 F
Sarkhej-106 Chandaniben Solanki Branch Manager E F
Vadaj-107 Jayshriben Patel Branch Manager E 9 F
Hathijan-108 Nayanaben Gosai Branch Manager E F
Bareja- 109 Ganpat Saragara Branch Manager E 6 M
Jethalal-105 Kokilaben Makwana Branch Manager E 8 F
Narol-111 Jignesh Parmar Branch Manager E 4 F
Jethalal-105 Ramilaben Borisa Asst Branch Manager E 4 F
Sarkhej-106 Manthan Patel Asst Branch Manager E 2 M
Vasna-102 Anis M Shaikh Accountant- F
Rakhiyal/Gomatipur-103 Bhavisha Mistry Accountant- E F
Saraspur-104 Mukesh Makwana Accountant- E 3 M
Jethalal-105 Akshay Bhankhodiya Accountant- E 3 M
Jethalal-105 Mo. Avesh Shamsuddin Accountant- F
Vadaj-107 Reena Ahir Accountant- E 5 F
Hathijan-108 Kartik Parmar Accountant- E M
Narol-111 Mo. Zaid Junior Accountants M
Bareja- 109 Hina Rathor Accountant- C F
Vasna-102 Arunaben Srimali Field Officer E 11 F
Jamnaben Mahavar Field Officer E 8 F
Padmaben Khuman Field Officer E 5 F
Rekhaben Patel Field Officer E 11 F
Ushaben Goswami Field Officer E 5 F
Hansaben Solanki Field Officer E 1 F
Chhayaben Borisa Field Officer F
Sangitaben Chavda Field Officer E F
Rakhiyal/Gomatipur-103 Sheetalben Raval Field Officer E 4 F
Varshaben Gohel Field Officer E 1 F
Damyantiben Parmar Field Officer E F
Saraspur-104 Rabiyaben Shaikh Field Officer E 4 F
Urvashiben Khamar Field Officer E 4 F
Sumanben Tiwari Field Officer F
Nitaben Patel Field Officer F
Manishaben N Parmar Field Officer F
Jayshreeben Thakur Field Officer F
Dipikaben Solanki Field Officer F
Jethalal-105 Minaxiben Chauhan Field Officer E6 F
Ritaben Saragra Field Officer E 6 F
Rehanaben Shaikh Field Officer E 12 F
Jignaben Khallas Field Officer E 11 F
Vinaben Padhiyar Field Officer E 10 F
Madhuben Marvadi Field Officer F
Sarkhej-106 Irfanaben Pathan Field Officer E 5 F
Mehrajben Sama Field Officer E 5 F
Minaz Vora Field Officer E 1 F
Yasminben Shaikh Field Officer E 5 F
Shehnazben Shaikh Field Officer E F
Rukhsana Ghanchi Field Officer E 7 F
Shahinben Shaikh Field Officer E 7 F
Sugrabanu Pathan Field Officer F
Vadaj-107 Geetaben Padhiyar Field Officer E 21 F
Vasantiben Borisa Field Officer F
Kamlaben Sargara Field Officer E 21 F
Purnimaben Sadhu Field Officer E F
Hathijan-108 Vinaben Bhati Field Officer E 15 F
Sheronben Mevasi Field Officer F
Bareja- 109 Samimben Khalifa Field Officer E F
Sarojben Solanki Field Officer E F
Falguniben Patel Field Officer E F
Narol-111 Chandrikaben Srimali Field Officer E 21 F
Shobhaben Rathod Field Officer E 6 F
Bhavna Brahmaniya Field Officer E 1 F
Vasna-102 Bharatiben Thakor Office Assistant C F
Rakhiyal/Gomatipur-103 Vimlaben Parmar Office Assistant E F
Saraspur-104 Savitaben Rathod Office Assistant E 4 F
Jethalal-105 Naynaben Rabhadiya Office Assistant E 3 F
Sarkhej-106 Jyotsnaben Vaghela Office Assistant F
Vadaj-107 Hemaben Saragra Office Assistant E13 F
Hathijan-108 Pushpaben Chauhan Office Assistant F
Bareja- 109 Rashmika Vanand Office Assistant F
Narol-111 Sadiyabanu Pathan Office Assistant E

Designation wise Staff Members

Designation No. F M
Designation No. F M
Chair Person 1 1 0
CEO 1 0 1
COO 1 1 0
HO Accounting Team 3 1 2
IT Management Team 4 1 3
Internal Operation Audit Team 2 1 1
Marketing Team 2 2 0
Manager MIS & Documentation 1 1 0
Manager Resource Mobilization 1 1 0
Telecaller 1 0 1
Total Operation Managers (OMs) 2 1 1
Total Branch Managers (BMs) 10 8 2
Total Assistant BMs (ABMs) 2 1 1
Total Accountants 8 3 5
Total Junior Accountants 1 0 1
Total Field Officers (FOs) 44 44 0
Total Office Assistants (OAs) 10 10 0
Total Staff 94 76 18