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Internship-with SSCCSL

The Saath Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Ltd. (SSCCSL) is a member based organization (MBO) providing community based financial services to the socio- economically vulnerable and marginalized sections of society. It works to help them come out of vicious circle of poverty improve their standards of living, and become visible in mainstream economy.
SSCCSl offers unique, hands- on learning experience to the interns coming to its fold. Interns at SSCCSL are not treated as additional staff, but as integral part of organization, and enjoy a two way enriching position. Based on the educational background, skills and area of interests of a student, SSCCSL offers them opportunity to work, have exposure of its different initiatives, and those of ground situations.
A student can become an intern with SSCCSL provided -
S/H comes from a relevant educational/institutional background
S/He is willing to put in a minimum three months full time work
S/He is willing to put in 50% of work on field
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