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Other Services

i. Trainings with opportunity of placement
ii. Livelihood oriented Trainings/Entrepreneurship Training especially for women for establishing new business
iii. Electricians, Mobile Repairing, Plumbing, Sewing machine repairing, Carpentry, Masonry, Fabrication, Gardening Trainings for men and women both.
iv. Professional Coerces-Basic Computer, Beautician
v. Professional & Academic Counselling
vi. Trainings for illiterate/partially literate women, with placement opportunities
vii. Providing housing assistance to those not having their own houses
viii. Assistance to people converting the Pattra Roofs over their houses, into Pakka/Mod-roofs, to save them from scorching heat of summers, or, water pouring during rains.
ix. Unique Opportunity for children to secure free education and bright future
x. Assistance for acquiring necessary documents for financial inclusion and visibility in government’s welfare schemes